Corporate Culture

Core Value
Collaboration, Responsibility, Development, Excellence, Win-Win
Brand Character
Innovative, Multivariate, Piloted, Internationalized
Corporate Mission
Offering a platform for the employees to achieve personal value
Creating high-quality life for the clients
Creating value for the society

Our Business

CFIPC’s business in China covers 6 industries, which are real estate industry, project management consulting, construction, financing, technology and media, while overseas industries covering project management & consulting, international project contracting and international trading.

Human Resource

The success of CFIPC is based on the full-heart dedication of all the staff. Therefore, to achieve the sustainable development of the increasingly competitive commercial real estate, the corporation has to keep a large amount of excellent staff with integrity, dedication, professional skills, professional accomplishment and innovative spirit. CFIPC keeps on absorbing talents that identify the core value of the company and keeps on creating wealth for the society and employees.