The success of CFIPC is based on the full-heart dedication of all the staff. Therefore, to achieve the sustainable development of the increasingly competitive commercial real estate, the corporation has to keep a large amount of excellent staff with integrity, dedication, professional skills, professional accomplishment and innovative spirit. CFIPC keeps on absorbing talents that identify the core value of the company and keeps on creating wealth for the society and employees.

Talent Philosophy: equality, fair competitiveness, employee care, survival of the fittest

In CFIPC, we emphasize on the sense of identity for the corporate concept, the common value is the guide to turn the dream into reality. Since establishment, CFIPC adheres to the operation philosophy of “integrity, modesty, innovation, and dedication”. And it is for this reason, CFIPC had been keeping on being the leading position of the industry.
In CFIPC, equality deeply rooted among the people. No difference for the position, only for the responsibility. We respect the individuality and dignity of the employees, encourage them to give full play to their capabilities, identify with their performance and create lax and harmonious developmental environment. The relatively stable talent structure and the gradient are one of the core competitiveness of CFIPC.
Attraction, training, cultivation and reservation of talents is the winning formula for CFIPC to keep active.
The talent competition mechanism with openness, fairness and impartiality formed a development platform of meritocracy.
The talent concept of employing the capable ones, replacing the average ones, and relieving the incapable ones enables CFIPC to attract elites of all the walk of industry, which facilitates the rapid development of CFIPC.

Talent Development: Co-development with the Enterprise

Talent Development is an important means to accomplish operation concept and corporate plan, as well as a key element to achieving the virtuous circle of business. To render the employees to grow with CFIPC together is the talent development concept that CFIPC insists all the time.
CFIPC encourages staff to combine the individual development with company long-term planning and offer a various mode for staff training and development. The internal training will provide a platform for individual to improve his/her own capabilities and working skills, and give them a comprehensive understanding of the operation and management of the company. The external training will help the staff to improve professional management skills and individual capability.
We firmly believe that: talent is the most important fortune for CFIPC, the investment in talent is a key way to success.

Welfare system: People-Oriented

CFIPC had put employees ’salary and welfare in an important position to fully guarantee the legal interest of the employees and abide by the corporate philosophy of “People-oriented”, and created a harmonious atmosphere for interest sharing and coexistence & co-prosperity between corporate and employees.
CFIPC offers competitive and attractive salary and welfare. For the talents of the key position, such as senior management talent, technological staff, CFIPC will offer salary and welfare that is higher than the market level; for the core talents, CFIPC is planning to build long-term incentive policy.
CFIPC offers a good working and development environment for the staff. For instance, housing allowance, transportation allowance, free lunch, training and learning, healthcare, paid holiday, social insurance, housing fund and commercial insurance etc..